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Some of my favorite Animated Short Films


Here are some highly inspirational and brilliantly executed animated short films, that I find some of the best ever made. I have watched them several times, and get back to them every once in a while, if I’m looking for inspiration.

You can watch all of these Short Films on Youtube or similar sites. I’m not sure if all of them have been officially released to the public, so I won’t link them here.


The Risk not Taken – Teaser


Here is a teaser of “The Risk not Taken”, my graduation film project at the FHF (Freie Hochschule für Grafik Design und Bildende Kunst Freiburg)

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Preparing for FMX


FMX. Which is an awesome experience, so I’ve heard. This year I’ll be attending it for the first time, and I’m very much looking forward to it :-)

So far I’ve managed to get a fresh batch of visiting cards, some hundred of them, though I don’t believe I’ll pass all of them ;-) and am thinking about producing some Demo Reel Dvds with nice cases, and maybe a kind of “portfolio-book” thingy, to show off, when there are no computers around.

The program is quite impressive, and I’ll do my best to suck in all of those interesting facts :-D

See you there!

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Outtakes – In-Between Ends


Here are some unfinished ideas and scenes that did  not make it into the final version of the short film In-Between Ends.

In-Between Ends Short Film Scene Outtake

In-Between Ends Short Film Scene Outtake

In-Between Ends Short Film Scene Outtake

In-Between Ends Short Film Scene Outtake

In-Between Ends Short Film Scene Outtake


Interview for Wowfactorbook


Andrew Price interviewed me for his recently released WOW Factor Book.

If you’re a dedicated blenderhead and ready for some fundamental filmmaking techniques and insight concerning the compositor, feel free to head on over and check it out.

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New Blog


I finally got around to setting up a blog. Stay tuned for topics such as Design, 3D, Animation, Filmmaking, Short film WIPs, Blender related stuff and some Art and music related posts.



Ps: also check: Autopneumatische Schnullerpfeife. Seems promising! Autopneumatische Schnullerpfeife

also check: CG Director

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